What is this about?

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The Visible Teaching Project was started to respond to and address the undervaluation and undercompensation of early childhood educators. As early childhood educators, we take pride in the quality of our work with children, work which has the power to create a more successful, more equitable, and more beautiful society. We recognize that our work, much like that of young children, is largely invisible to the public. We suspect that this invisibility is a serious impediment to the growth of our field. We wonder what role we can take and what tools we have in increasing public knowledge and understanding of our craft and profession. Our end goal is to achieve the necessary funding and public awareness to make early childhood education a viable lifelong profession.

In our work with children and our co-workers we are often powered by questions and inquiry. It is this vein that we also begin our project. We ask:

How does systemic change in the compensation and social valuation of ECE teachers and administrators begin? What is stopping us from earning what we deserve? Does the public need a better understanding of what we do as educators? How can we increase that knowledge? What venues are available and effective for doing so?

Events are currently in the works to meet with teachers, administrators, parents and policy makers to explore these questions. Please join us.