Our Work

Current Projects:

Best Practice Videos

Like any profession, early childhood education has a set of best practices. Yet the public is largely unaware of these proven, effective, research-based teaching strategies. Our project is creating short videos as educational tools to explain, demonstrate, and support play-based, developmentally appropriate practices.

Our audience: parents, educators, policy makers, the general public

Our first topic is OUTDOOR PLAY!

What you can do:

Send us clips that can be included in the videos! As teachers, we generally focus on the children in our care. This is wonderful, but please feel free to send video that includes adults as well. Parents and teachers are an essential part of learning! Clips can be as short as a few seconds or as long as a minute or two of material to be edited down.

Volunteer to film in another teacher’s classroom – a standard digital camera will work just fine.

Help edit and create the video.

Share our videos with families, co-workers, and your facebook friends.

Contact us at visibleteachingproject@gmail.com

Powell’s Books Petition

Early childhood educators are teachers on the same level as K-12 educators. We are reaching out to businesses to ask for their support and recognition of our important work. We’ve identified Powell’s Books as a community leader and hope that they will set an example for other businesses by extending their teacher discount to early childhood educators. Sign our petition here.

Questions? Ideas for a business to approach? Email visibleteachingproject@gmail.com.

Past Projects:



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