Defining “Visibility”

At our first forum, a group of teachers, administrators, and parents worked to define “visibility”.

 “Visible teaching” means:

  • Having valued societal status. Being understood as teachers/educators who work at schools, not being seen as babysitters who working in “daycare”.

  • Being fairly compensated financially

  • Having public funding for early childhood education

  • Both being professional and helping to professionalize the field as a whole

  • Teaching with intentional practice

  • Educating parents about our teaching practice

  • Helping parents and the broader public develop an understanding of children’s learning and development

  • Working toward acknowledgment of the experts and expertise present in our field. This includes publicizing the work of authors, master teachers, and researchers. It also includes applying current expertise to our own work.

  • For some educators, being understood as teacher-researchers, including having administrative support for reflective practice and research.

  • Having a high profile in public discourse

  • Having the respect of educators in other areas of education

  • Challenging the historical marginalization of early childhood education as “women’s work”. Clearing a path for the field to be respected for the real skill it takes, and thereby enabling and encouraging more men to enter the field.

What does it mean to you?

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